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 PS3 welcome back package .. er, not welcoming

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PS3 welcome back package .. er, not welcoming Empty
PostSubject: PS3 welcome back package .. er, not welcoming   PS3 welcome back package .. er, not welcoming EmptyMon 11 Jul 2011, 05:25

Reported problems like:

on 08-07-2011 01:49 PM - last edited on 08-07-2011 04:59 PM

F1NG3RZ- wrote:
SONY come on maaaaan! This needs to be sorted out, not happy right now as iv !PAID! for your PREMIUM SERVICE but fully cannot access any of this months content apart from trials, but it gets better as iv jus found out be switching user to my girls account n tryin the store "on the same PS3 mind" that it works perfectly if im signed in as her but not for me, nothing no ps1 classic none of the special offers that accompany the trail! i jus get message say" This content cant be accessed from ur account" if i try to access it from adverts in store, im positive its because of the 30 day free ps+ i took with the welcome back programme as its still in my services list! Theres gota be a way 2 remove it from my SERVICES LIST/XMB-ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT as iv got 3 apparently one being my new subscription wich states its ACTIVE (ERR NO!!!) n theres the two that are there from when i accepted the free 30 ps+, why are they there still?? n can we please get some friggin help with this as its happening to every1 who has PAYED!

PSN response:

Some users have reported issues relating to the Welcome Back Pack (specifically PS+ subscribers).
Issues with the pricing of games not being correct.
Updated content not showing correctly on the store.
Issues with renewal of the PlayStation plus subscription.
UPDATE from the PlayStation Blog:

I just wanted to let you know that we are aware of the problem that Welcome Back PlayStation Plus Users are having and are working to get this fixed ASAP. Currently, the Welcome Back offer is not expiring and so those that have purchased a full Plus membership are not able to access the full Plus content. This issue is the cause of many of the other problems you have reported here on the blog, such as new content not showing up in the Store as expected.

We are working on this problem now as a matter of priority and expect customers to see this fixed over the next few days.

Any issues / questions please PM Pro_Vantage
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PS3 welcome back package .. er, not welcoming
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