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 Rejack Sucks!

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Colonel Sp x3
Colonel Sp x3

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Rejack Sucks! Empty
PostSubject: Rejack Sucks!   Rejack Sucks! EmptyWed 10 Feb 2016, 07:50

Finally I'm on the hero challenges for my characters. Currently working on the specialist abilities hero challenges. Rejack is almost impossible!

4 rejack kills in a game in 4 games. Most people continue to shoot the rejack cloud which get's them an easy double kill. I've managed to get 4 in one game only one time. Totally lucked out by getting a doublekill on my 3rd rejack. otherwise I have done 20 games so far trying to get this done....

Been thinking of joining a party already in game to get a little cooperation help. Just don't shoot the cloud type of help.... if I get my grudge medal great, but just don't shoot the cloud! #bangheadagainstwall Wallbang Wallbang Wallbang Machine Gun Wallbang Wallbang

Rejack Sucks! Thanx411
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Rejack Sucks! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rejack Sucks!   Rejack Sucks! EmptyTue 16 Feb 2016, 14:46

You know what else sucks?........ Not getting rejack kills in ANY games. You only have 3 to go
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Rejack Sucks!
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