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 My Diablo 3 review

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Corporal Sp
Corporal Sp

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My Diablo 3 review Empty
PostSubject: My Diablo 3 review   My Diablo 3 review EmptyThu 19 Sep 2013, 19:54

My Diablo 3 review Images10

It's all about the loot and how you get it!

Blizzard had perfected the carrot on a stick game play mechanic a long time ago but with Diablo 3 its as sharp and addicting as ever. Since being ported over to consoles Diablo 3 has become more accessible then ever before.

With the refined controls that a console brings and a much easier inventory menu to go through this is easily the best version of Diablo 3 available. The only thing the PC version has on PS3 / Xbox 360 is the graphics are sharper and even with that next gen is right around the corner and this will not even be a factor.

The Gameplay is as smooth and frantic as ever. The game rarely suffers any sort of frame right drops even when there are 50+ enemies on the screen trying to rip you apart and your character doing everything in his or her power to stop them the game runs like butter most of the time.  A minor issue I had while using a ranged character while using a controller it is some times difficult to target what you want targeted but it all works out in the end.  The loot systems are more refined and drop rates for the best items available are a bit higher then the pc version.  Multiple difficulties and the chance at ever more powerful gear will keep players coming back for me as they try to become as powerful as they possibly can.

At the time of this writing I have just completed the game on Hardcore mode using  a Monk and finishing at level 30. Hardcore mode is a mode in which if you happen to die, your dead forever. All your gear is lost and you need to start a new game.  I will update this review as i go through Nightmare and Inferno difficulty modes as well as check out how the PVP works.
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My Diablo 3 review
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