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For Good Company is officially recognized by the Central Outpost as a genuine gaming organization. For Good Company is officially recognized by the Central Outpost as a genuine gaming organization.

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 Code Of Conduct and Ground Rules

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The Management
The Management

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PostSubject: Code Of Conduct and Ground Rules   Thu 25 Aug 2011, 02:54

Code of Conduct


This is 4GC’s Code of Conduct. All rules as part of this Code of Conduct apply to the 4GC forum, any public forums where membership of 4GC is carried out and your communications when playing games with the 4GC clan tag in evidence, basically anywhere where 4GC membership can be linked to you, you should strive to maintain the good name of the clan. In addition, this Code of Conduct also applies to friends or guests who are not members of 4GC but are active on the forums.
This Code of Conduct is to be followed to the letter and will be enforced accordingly.

In addition to the Code of Conduct, there are also Ground Rules. These rules are in addition to the Code of Conduct and will help you fit in with us better. Access to those ground rules will be granted to full members only.

The 4GC management team is the Generals, Colonels and Majors. They are supported by Captains and Lieutenants.


4GC accepts absolutely no libel, slander, fabrication of the truth, insulting of individuals or groups with the aim of causing serious offence, racism, ethnic slurs or religious bigotry. There must be no serious threatening behaviour of any kind towards anybody. While swearing in a game is to be expected consider whether young children can hear you and modify your language as appropriate. Certain words are offensive and should be avoided entirely. There must be no reference to the subject of rape or pornography of any nature.

Where comments/posts of any kind have caused offense please reference Repeatedly causing offense will result in you being removed from the clan. Warnings will be given, context will be looked at. The management team has final say.

In case you feel offended by language used by any fellow member either verbally or on the forum, please contact him/her via PM identifying the incident. If the response is not acceptable, contact anybody from the management team, briefly explaining the situation. This should consist of facts only as much as possible. It is at the discretion of the management team if any further action is required. Do not start a discussion on the forum about these concerns, but strive to solve it offline.


When registering to the clan, users must give their true date of birth, a decent forum name, and fill in the remaining requested data sensibly. 4GC reserve the right to immediately ban users and their email/IP addresses during the registration process or at any time afterwards.


4GC will not tolerate any form of cheating, hacking or glitching within games and will speak out against it. Any affiliation of 4GC to or from these types of events will not be accepted. Tea-bagging, boosting and team-killing are generally not acceptable. We do not share map packs.

We should not play games with other players who are exhibiting in their player cards or through what they say reference to racism, sexism or anything meant to seriously offend. All members should strive to give and maintain 4GC as a good name.

Any external communications about the clan, advertising to attract new members or responding to messages directed at the clan should be in line with our core principals. This includes language used while waiting in lobbies.

Double clanning

Other clans shall not be advertised within this site. When gaming with 4GC members you must play as a 4GC member. When playing for 4GC it is expected to carry the 4GC clan tags, unless it is agreed within the active party to change the clan tags in order to keep other people from leaving (randoms) lobbies because they don’t want to play against a clan. Priority in 4GC lobbies must be given to 4GC members over people from another clan you have links with. Double clanning is only allowed in the very limited circumstance as follows. For example, if you play Assassins Creed, you would be permitted to be a part of a an Assassins Creed clan but if you start gaming with them on BF3 or COD or any other game 4GC has an organized regiment for, you will be asked to choose where your loyalty lies. The result of choosing the other clan would result in revoking your full membership status. Members of 4GC should be proud of this group and show that pride by sporting the 4GC tags.

We welcome other clans to the web-site as long as they abide by this Code of Conduct and declare they are visitors from another clan.  

Membership criteria

To become a full member, and to remain a member of 4GC you must be vouched for by a General, Colonel, Major, Captain or Lieutenant who will want to speak to you and as far as possible determine you are an adult. We can help arrange a time to get together if it is proving difficult to just meet up in game.

- You must be 21 years or older.

- You must adhere to the COC and other guidelines.

- To remain a member you must be active. An active member means regular activity both on the battlefield in 4GC parties and on the 4GC forum. Regular activity regarding the forum means visiting it and contributing useful posts at least once a month.

- Anyone not showing any forum activity within a month will be marked for deletion (and removed from the members lists), and then deleted after a further month of inactivity. Provision can be made for members who explain why and how long they can not adhere to this.

- You do not have to accept all game invites sent to you but if you never accept invites, or send them, this will be noted and you will be asked about your desire to remain in the clan.

- Over a period of time your contributions on forum and/or in game will be noted and you will find your rank moves to Corporal (this is not determined by just posting a set number of posts).

- a one week probation period exists.

In case you have any questions or concerns about this Code of Conduct, please contact any of the management team members. By signing up to the forum you accept this Code of Conduct and you are expected to abide by it.

Ground Rules

These rules are in addition to the Code of Conduct and will help you fit in with us better. In case of conflict between the ground rules below and the Code of Conduct, the latter prevails.

Membership status

“4GCr” as a clan tag: Initial membership received, new recruit. Needs a vouch.

“4GC” as a clan tag: Full member.

When sending friend messages please put 4GC in the topic, if someone has a full friends list let them know.


If playing as part of a team with 4GC members provide enemy callouts, this will better the team work and makes winning easier.

Say hello when joining a lobby - say goodbye when leaving.

No bragging, no bringing down other members - if someone asks for it then offer advice - compliment other players playing above their norm.

It is nice to say 'Good Game' at the end of any match against another team.

Contribute on the forum - give advice, ask for help, generate ideas, get to know each other.

Organized events

Any member can put up a forum post to organize something, i.e. King of the Hill, Special Operations, S&D team night, etc. Such events and the organising of them by different members, with good attendance from the clan (its good to try something different!), will make this a stronger group.

For friendly clan matches and competitions within the clan - support these initiatives - they are friendlies - you don't have to be a good player.

In game ethics

Good sportsmanship is expected from all 4GC members (whether in random lobbies or in private matches). Examples are: avoid rage-quitting, congratulating players on a good game, no bragging, no tea-bagging.


Don't take other members care packages unless asked to.

Try and share the glory of killstreaks with other members, shout up if you have earned something you wouldn't normally get and want a window to deploy it.

If another member has indicated they want to shoot down aircraft to get a pro perk don't put up a SAM turret.

Starting BLOPS 3 lobbies / parties:

During quiet times just join whoever is online – it is always better to game with someone else than alone - don't be afraid to send an invite.

If you get an invite but can't accept it or just want some 'alone' time try and respond back with a 'thanks, busy' type note.

Anyone can start a lobby/party, lieutenants or higher will lead the way but don’t always rely on them. Be brave! If in doubt about inviting someone just drop them a message asking if they want to join up.

Generally I'd quickly check peoples PSN status, take an educated guess at who may already be in a full lobby based on what people are playing then just invite everyone else. If you get 7/8/9 people then go to Ground War - some members won't play ground war so check first, if you get more then maybe go into a private party or agree to split into two groups and decide who will form the 2 groups.

If you have room for another person in your party have a quick look at who may be on their own and invite them, particularly look out for new members and get them involved.

If you think there may be a party already running that isn't full then drop one of the party a message - 'invite me next game pls'

If you have a friend/partner with you playing split screen, or are playing with a non-4GC friend then still try and join others but recognise it may be a little trickier. 4GC people should take priority normally.

Use your clan tag to help others know what you are doing/want - If you have a party of 4 for example set it to PAR4, if you want an invite set it to INV.

Forum use

While there are no minimum requirements for logging onto the forum people who have not done so for a month or so are set back to 'new registered' status and as such have been flagged for delete at some point.

If you never visit the forum you will eventually get deleted so if PC access is an issue let us know and we can cater for it.

Many thanks Smile
Management Team
November 2015.

Any issues / questions please PM Pro_Vantage

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PostSubject: Re: Code Of Conduct and Ground Rules   Tue 24 Jan 2012, 03:13

Ok Rose What a Face
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PostSubject: Re: Code Of Conduct and Ground Rules   Tue 24 Jan 2012, 03:36

I would like to add a very important rules that seems to be forgotten:
Thou shalt worship iPlaYYa and bombard him with expensive gifts. That is all.
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PostSubject: Re: Code Of Conduct and Ground Rules   Tue 24 Jan 2012, 03:51

Just for you Sam.

Worship ever.


Panda shit. The most expensive shit ever and brill for growing you tea.

Happy Killings..... Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: Code Of Conduct and Ground Rules   Tue 24 Jan 2012, 04:01

Haha! Gotta hand it to you, your surprisingly clever for the amount of Ganja you intake!
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PostSubject: Re: Code Of Conduct and Ground Rules   Tue 24 Jan 2012, 04:08

iPlaYYa wrote:
Haha! Gotta hand it to you, your surprisingly clever for the amount of Ganja you intake!
Funny that's what my psychiatrist says.

Happy Killings..... Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: Code Of Conduct and Ground Rules   

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Code Of Conduct and Ground Rules
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